Dr. Elena Agrizzi and Giuseppe Papalia from Venice Italy here. We are the founders of Live the Magic Fashion and Art. Together, starting from scratch, we have created a handicraft company that combines Tradition and Innovation, Artistic Venice Italy glass and Tuscany Leather, Fashion & Art.

Our company was born from a dream, “impossible” to many. The idea of shaping and using Venice’s artistic glass to create belts and bags, unique and special for their beauty.

A dream that rises from our love for Venice, for Murano glass and its Murrine and from the desire to create a new, artisanal, innovative, quality product that is linked to the territory and its tradition.

“”These bags and belts are real jewels. Congratulations.”

Our challenge?

We started from a dream, explored the viable possibilities of realization, went beyond these possibilities and looked for solutions, different points of view, through expertise, love and passion, we transformed that dream into reality, the impossible into possible.

Months of technical tests and research, led to the development of an innovative patent and to the creation of our buckle belt made entirely in Murano Venice glass.

Artistic glass crafted with casting techniques combined with the best Tuscan leathers.

Our passion for research and innovation did not stopped there, it went further with a second, equally ambitious project: our leather bag with set Murrines. Those who are familiar with glass and work with it know that it is a living, magical material, marvelous for its colors and transparencies but these characteristics also make it an extremely difficult material to work with and integrate with other materials.

With “Live the Magic”, artistic glass takes shape and becomes art to wear and beauty to take around the world, in our lives. Unique bags cared for in every detail, hand-decorated with artistic glass of our production.

“These bags and belts are real jewels. Congratulations.” This is often our customers’ comment.

Each feedback is a source of inspiration for us and our line of jewelry was also born from these appreciations. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, key chains that are cheerful, colorful and elegant.

Our goal is to bring the beauty of Venice’s artistic glass and the quality of MADE in Italy to the world. We want to amaze you every day with creations that make you feel important, unique and special on any occasion.  

Wear art and bring it with you !!